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Luxury Waxes and Skincare

We have spent forty years creating a collection of professional, active skincare that restores and rejuvenates your skin -from head to toe. Nourishing, healing and caring, MONUSKIN has been the preferred partner for thousands of professional beauty therapists and skincare experts since our launch.  Formulating using the most advanced manufacturing processes with natural, active, cruelty free ingredients using the finest plants, herbs, minerals and essential oils keeping skin glowing and beautiful.

We are now taking this expertise of natural skincare into Waxing. Our years of perfecting results driven skincare now provides both super-efficient hair removal and happy skin.

MONUWAX is formulated with highly effective cruelty free plant-based ingredients – known for their efficiency at super thorough, long lasting hair removal and their skin-caring, skin-loving properties resulting in smooth and pampered hair free skin for up to six weeks.